Hello, my name is Ridzerd van Dijk (born January 24, 1950) from The Netherlands. I have for more than one and a half year a WordPress weblog with quotes and fragments of Rudolf Steiner, in Dutch. I thought it is a good idea to bring also quotes in English, to reach more readers who are interested in Steiner and his work. 

Greetings, Ridzerd  (September 26, 2012)

At present, there are already 529 e-mail followers. Thank you very much everybody. (July 19, 2015)

Today there are 600 e-mail followers. Thanks again everybody. (September 8, 2015)

The past few days saw a sudden increase in new email followers, bringing the number of subscribers to this site to over 1000. I am very delighted to know that an increasing number of people realize the vital importance of Steiner’s work. Many, many thanks to you all. (August 31, 2016)

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  1. I strong apreciate your work and your blog. I started to translate the quotes in Romanian (my natal language) for my friends who don’t know English.
    I would like to follow you via email, but I don’t receive any email to confirm my subscription. I don’t know what happen.


    1. Hello Amalia,

      Thank you very much for your appreciation and for the translation of my blog in Romanian. Excuse me for my English. I can read it partly, but writing not so good. How it exactly works with the subscription to my blog, I do not know, because that is all done bij WordPress. You have only to fill in your email adress on the right above in FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL. I think WordPress doesn’t send a confirmation. They just send all the followers an email, every time when I place a new blog on my weblog. I place almost every day on 15:00 a new blog, so if you have filled in your emailadres, I think you will get tomorrow the first. If not, let me know. I hope it works. I had no complains before.

      Greetings, Ridzerd

  2. Thank you Robin. I must admit I did not do the translations myself, because my English is not very good. Most translations I get from the RS Archive and some are translated by Nesta Carsten.

  3. Luis

    Thanks for all, Ridzerd.
    Could it be possible some more accurate posts about specific items, (reencarnation, meditation, evolution, etc., and to get some works in other languages? I have a few in portuguese, an I’ll sendd tem to you to publish, if You want to do it.
    best regards,
    Luis (Portugal), that has been much happy back in its youth, em Amsterdam!…

  4. Hello Luis,

    Yes, my Steiner quotes are indeed not divided into specific items. I put the quotes in random order. But if you want to read a specific item you can fill in on Search at the top right above on the blog a word, such as reincarnation, then you get all the quotes about karma and reincarnation.

    It is impossible for me to post Portuguese quotes, because I can not read or write a word Portuguese. Moreover I have enough to do with my two Steiner weblogs in Dutch and English. Maybe you can start yourself a Steiner quotes site in Portuguese with WordPress. That is maybe not a bad idea.

    Sorry for my english, I think there are many mistakes in it, I can not read and write English very well.

    Best regards,

  5. Thank you so much, Ridzerd, for all your Steiner posts! I often see them when they are shared by my friends on Facebook. I have studied Anthroposophy most of my life, so the quotes remind me of many truths that have grown close to my heart through these many years.

    I appreciate it that you produce this work in English even though it is not your native language. I think I can imagine how you feel – I also know some other languages which I understand to various degrees but I know that I would make mistakes if I had to write in them. And we all know that English is not an easy language to learn.

    In the latest post that I read (“One who attains spiritual perception does not become a dreamer”), there is a simple typo on the last line of the quote: instead of “his” the word appears as “lies”. I would have rather written you privately about this, but I could find no other way to contact you and I thought you might like to correct it. I hope you don’t mind that I shared this with you here.

    Best regards,

  6. Thank you very much, Danica, for reading and appreciating my Steiner quotes. I copied this quote (“One who attains spiritual perception does not become a dreamer”) from the RS Archive and I thought allready that the word “lies” is not right, but I did not know what it should be.

    You write that it should be “his”, but should it not be “he is”? Tell me whether “he is” is correct, then I will of course change it immediately in the blog.

    Thank you very much for noticing this error and writing me.

    Best regards,

  7. Christopher Bodame

    Thankyou Ridzerd…Your quiet work radiates Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposopy throughout the world with Light-Knowledge in ways and waves unbeknown…

  8. Dear Ridzerd – your English is better than you think it is! It is not an easy language in any respect. I am so sorry about not being able to continue this blog, I really enjoyed your daily posts. Perhaps there is another way…I just tried this – it is a little bit more trouble but certainly less than re-typing everything. I printed one of the lectures to pdf and once saved on my computer was able to copy & paste whatever I wanted. For example (quotes added):
    “The question has been raised as to what lies behind the now so famous horses of Elberfeld which are able to count and do sums, and also possess other kinds of wisdom.”
    This would be some amount of work for a daily post, but maybe switching to a weekly or bi-weekly schedule might be feasible? If I can help in some way let me know.

  9. Dear Sarah

    Thank you very much for your mail and your help. I’m not planning to completely stop with the quotes, but I think I will post every Sunday a quote. And then in between irregularly a translation by Nesta Carsten of quotes which are not in the RS Archive. If Nesta Carsten agrees with me.

    I only do not know how to get the text of RS ARchive in PDF. In German I can find everything from the Gesamtausgabe of Steiner in PDF.
    But do not bother to explain to me. Nesta Carsten also sent me an email with another way to copy the quotes of RS Archive. I have yet to figure out how that goes. If it fails, I will ask you again. Many thanks again for your help. Regards from Ridzerd

  10. I have forwarded your email to James Stewart, owner of the archive. You can still copy by use the keyboard shortcuts. Highlight the text, press Ctrl c, choose where to copy the text, press Ctrl v.
    Keep up the good work – I would prefer less often, I don’t always have time to read all of them. Also, the font, the pink colour and the bold, are hard to read.

  11. Hello Ridzard …

    Regarding your posting about the Rudolf Steiner Archive: I appreciate your kind words, but before you speculate as to what happened or what my motives are, you should contact me and tell me about the problem(s) you are having! As far as I know, nothing has changed at the Archive … however, I have been making quite a few changes as to the layout of the database and other internal things, and one of those changes may have blocked your work. From tie to time, I do need to update/upgrade software and system layout to keep up with the volume of requests and any new bug fixes in the software.

    I am very sorry about any problems, but unless I know about them, I cannot fix them. Complaining publicly that I may have ulterior motives does not help anyone or any thing! In the future, please let me know FIRST, so I can correct the situation before others have problems, too.

    Thank you for all you do, Ridzard …

    Jim Stewart
    e.Librarian, Sr.
    Rudolf Steiner Archive
    (elibrarian (at) elib.com)

  12. Dear Mister Stewart,

    You are absolutely right. I should have contact you first. But it might sound stupid, but I did not know who I should contact. I heard your name only yesterday for the first time from Soulquesting in her response on About. I copied a lot of quotes from RS Archive, but otherwise I’m not well versed on RS Archive. And it is quite difficult for me to read and write English. Many things that I read on the RS Archive I understand only half. However, I recognize the text in English because I have those quotes in Dutch and German.

    But in any case, the issues are resolved, I can still copy with CTRL C and CTRL V, only with the computer mouse it is not working anymore.
    I am very sorry that I speculated too soon why the copying suddenly no longer worked. If there are ever again problems, then I will first contact you.
    Finally, I want to thank you for the great work you do with the RS Archive and the chance for me to post quotes on The Great Rudolf Steiner Quotes site.


  13. If you could tell me the exact URL of the page where you are having a problem, I will fix it. There are over 100,000 pages at the Archive! Your help is appreciated.


    1. It is working again now, mister Stewart. Two days ago and yesterday it was not possible to copy text with the mouse, but now it works again.
      It was not only in one URL but all the GA-numbers. The titles and the index were still possible to copy, but not the text of Steiner. Thank you very much and excuse again my strange English, I am very insecure if there are many mistakes or not..

  14. yes, i just know this website from Ms. Cynthia. it’s wonderful. i’m from china, and appreciate very much for your such work and hope you continue this blog for as long as possible.

  15. Antoine

    Your work is like a little pond to which people from afar return to drink. Jasmine is from China, I am from Lebanon. Thank you Ridzerb ♥

  16. Antoine

    Forgot to tell you that I love the unequivocal title of your site: “The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site”. It is good to be reminded how great he is.
    I also want to wish you, and your near and dear, a Happy Christmas.
    May the coming year bring you at least one or two new readers!
    (a conservative wish has a good chance of fulfilment! 😊 )

    1. He is not only great, Antoine, he is the greatest. He is the Mohammed Ali of the spirit. 😉
      You are right: ‘a conservative wish has a good chance of fulfilment!’
      If I expect only few, it can become only better, not worse.
      Thank you very much and Happy Christmas too.

  17. Antoine

    Dear Ridzerd,
    I wish to share this with you and our blog friends.
    it is a moving conversation with Steiner from:
    Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner
    by Andrei Belyi, Margarita Voloschin & Assya Turgenieff
    Published by Adonis Press/NY in 1987

    Rudolf Steiner is asked:
    “I can not understand why you present the greatest secrets, for instance, about the hierarchies, to people who then make it coffee-table talk. Isn’t something lost to the spiritual world when this happens?
    In the Russian church the names of the hierarchies were spoken only once each year in a special service, at which moment everyone kneeled and bowed their heads.”

    Rudolf Steiner answers with great earnestness somewhat as follows:
    “Only in another cultural epoch, will one see what will have been brought about in the souls by the truths which they now receive. The occultist must go to work in the same way that nature does. Nature is prodigal. Out of millions of herring eggs only a few become fishes — all the rest are lost; that is a mystery. And if only half a man takes up what I have to give, I shall have fulfilled my mission.” And he repeated: “Only half a man.”

    I was shattered by the expression of pain with which he spoke these words.

    1. It is very noticeable, Steiner’s pain; it is also very obvious in the Phylosphy of Freedom, already from the intro quotes. Must be very hard to be that smart and face every day mundane issues of this only developing humanity…
      Ridzerd, you are one of the kindest people one could encounter, please keep up a good work, and I appreciate your (otherwise, now days, so seldom observed) honesty as well. You strike me as already advanced human. So glad to find this site by accident!

      Antoan, thank you for the book recommendation, I read and liked the book;

      it is a moving conversation with Steiner from:
      Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner
      by Andrei Belyi, Margarita Voloschin & Assya Turgenieff
      Published by Adonis Press/NY in 1987

      But, good luck finding it!!
      I found it by accident. I had a lot of happy accidents in regards to Steiner. This book is very different from any other biographical books on Steiner, and it helped me a lot to paint the picture of him, and of Anthroposophy movement, and philosophy.
      I am studying it , eurhythmy as well, for the last 11 years., and always appreciate new insights
      : D

  18. Allen Barenholtz

    Hi Ridzerd — thank you for your splendid work with this selection of quotes!

    As one who has toiled with Dr. Steiner’s work for over 45 years, I can appreciate the goodness that comes from these words that you are offering.

    I have a concern to share, however — and it may have to do with how, sometimes, the English language can be vague. In your title, the word “great” can be understood in three ways. Either the quotes themselves are great, or that the website is great, or that Dr. Steiner is great. If it is the last, that leads to the impression that you are lionizing, or elevating Dr. Steiner. That would be in poor taste, and would certainly not conform to Steiner’s comments about how to speak about others.

    If you would care to modify your title, perhaps you might consider something like these — “Great Quotes from Rudolf Steiner” or “Important Quotes from Rudolf Steiner.”

    Again, my appreciation for your good work!

  19. Hello Allen,

    Thank you for your compliments and appreciation of my Steiner quotes.

    It is unfortunate that I can not write English very well, so I am maybe not able to explain good what I want to answer. But I honestly do not see why we can not call Steiner The great Rudolf Steiner. It is true that Steiner said somewhere: “I would not be honored, I want to be understood.” Of course, Steiner would be understood rather than just be honored, but that does not mean in my opinion that one should not honouring a genius when this honouring is in place and justified and deserved. When I would call Steiner a saint, it would go too far, but to call someone great who is really great, there is nothing wrong with that, as far as I can see.

    Sorry, I can not explain it better, my English is not good enough. Thanks again for the appreciation and interest in my Steiner quotes.

  20. In the end, what is really great, is that there are people in whose hearts burn a little flame for Anthroposophy, despite the strong winds of materialism.

    In this context, it is inspiring to see people, like Ridzerd, feeling the urge to spread the good news of Spiritual Science, and establishing a site for that purpose.

    The Steiner quotes are only great inasmuch as they direct us to a path of the spirit; they are to Steiner what a mere signpost is to the magnificence of a city it points to.

    That Ridzerd referred to Steiner as “great” is of little importance in the scheme of things. I have even positively enjoyed this little indulgence and mentioned it further up on this page.

  21. Nenette

    Hi Ridzerd
    Thank you very much for all your efforts in posting Steiner Quotes. It means a lot to me and my friends. It gives meaning and sustenance to life!
    Hartelijk dank!!!!

  22. It is especially rewarding when you offer us excerpts that are unavailable to the English reader, like “Good thoughts are like balm to the dead”. Thank the translator too!

    1. Thank you, Antoine, I will Nesta Carsten Krüger mail about your comment. It is unfortunate that my English is not good enough to translate myself, because I have more than 200 quotes in German and Dutch that I could not find in the RS Archive.

      1. One of my regrets is not having learned German in my youth.

        I am currently involved in translating 100 Steiner excerpts from English to Arabic, with a view to publishing a book and / or a blog. It is probably the first effort of its kind in Arabic,
        so our Steiner is really coming to life everywhere, even in the most unlikely places!

        Concerning the untranslated German and Dutch:
        Can you do a reasonable first translation to English and send it to me?
        I will send it back improved (hopefully). You will decide if the final English is to be published.

        Thank you for passing my appreciations to Nesta.

      2. I think it is a wonderful initiative of you, Antoine, to translate Steiner excerpts into Arabic.
        Thank you very much for your offer to improve English translations of myself. I will send to your e-mailadres as soon as possible one of my own faulty translations.

  23. Dear Ridzerd, Thank you so much for this wonderful work. I value it tremendously. The English translations are wonderful compared to the usual ones we have. They convey more of a sense of the great man himself. I am your new friend now. : )

  24. SPJ

    HI there,
    Great site. It brings my attention to works I hadn’t come across before. Thank you! I noticed someone else above also found the color of the font a little hard to read- but it doesn’t matter so much to me now because I just end up clicking the link to the RSArchive file to read the full thing.

    Which brings me to my question: is there an english translation of the entire work that today’s quote was pulled from? GA 53 http://fvn-archiv.net/PDF/GA/GA053.pdf

    By the way, your english really is quite good- no need to apologise for it.

  25. SPJ, thanks for you compliments. To my own surprise GA 53 is indeed in the RS Archive.


    At the time, some months ago, that I was looking in English for the quote of today, I could not find it. That’s why I asked Nesta Carsten-Krüger to translate it. All the quotes and excerpts that are translated by Nesta, are not in the RS-Archive or I could not find them in the RS Archive.

  26. SPJ

    Ah! Thank you! It seems however that none of the links that turned up in the search actually work! Do you know what is the name of that lecture cycle in english?

    1. Strange that the links don’t work. On my laptop it’s allright.

      The title of this GA 0053, lecture of September 29, 1904 is:

      Origin and Goal of the Human Being

      Lecture I

      What Does the Human Being Find in Theosophy?

  27. Thanks again Ridzerd for bringing to the English reader the excellent translation from the German of the quote entitled “Temperance”. It is so apt for today’s world. It brought to my mind something similar (which also has a touch of Steiner humour😊). the source is: “From the Contents of Esoteric Classes”: “A man wouldn’t be able to generate productive thoughts if he ate too much and too often, because his forces would be used in digestion, and there wouldn’t be any left for thinking. Schiller, Shakespeare and many other writers lived on very little food. The mind is never so clear as after long fasting. The greatest saints lived on fruit, bread and water, and no miracles were ever done on a full stomach.”

    1. Just checked the link..
      It’s double dutch to me!😊
      But glad your Dutch speaking readers can enjoy it.

      “Double Dutch” in English can mean a “hard to understand language”

      1. I thought I will look in the Google Translator what is anthroposophy in Arabic: علم طبائع البشر
        This is Tendouble Dutch to me. 🙂

  28. علم طبائع البشر seems to refer to Anthropology rather than Anthroposophy, and is a far shot from Steiner’s definition:
    “If we would find a true modern rendering of the Greek word, “Anthropos” we might say: ‘one who looks up to the heights.”
    And so I pray dear Ridzerd that you, and your good readers, will never ever stop looking up to the heights… God bless.

  29. Lorraine Labreciosa

    hello Ridzerd
    i noticed recently maybe a week, the longer quotes are not translated in English. it is only in German ?

  30. Autumn Wyatt

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I have studied Rudolf Steiner for over 20 years now and recently have been without my books for reading. So happy to have stumbled upon this site. It is wonderful to be able to catch a glimpse of the occult world on here while doing my day to day duties.

    1. Autumn joins in Autumn. How lively.
      If this lovely site did not have such a lovely name, I would suggest Ridzerd called it: Little Flowers of Rudolf Steiner (after Little Flowers of St. Francis). It is really like picking a flower of a different scent and colour on each site visit. 🌹🌼🌷🌻🌺
      Welcome to our site and God bless.

  31. Michiko Nakamura

    Hello from Japan.
    I have wanted to read books written by Steiner in English, but, as for me, it is very difficult with my poor command of English.
    I wanted to read quotes of Steiner at least and, looking for the Internet, arrived here.
    You’re very kind.
    I come to be able to talk with the foreigner while quoting of Steiner in this little by little.

    1. Thank you very much, Michiko, I am very pleased that there is also interest in Japan for my Steiner quotes.


      Translated English-Japanese by Google Translate

      1. Michiko Nakamura

        I study Steiner in your site. As for English,relations of the subject and the predicate in the sentence is written clearly unlike Japanese. Therefore I understand that Steiner wants to say clearly. The words of Steiner are not get tired. In addition, I answer my question from a basic point.
        Thank you for opening in such a site.

    2. Shiloh

      Hi Michiko,
      that’s very cool you’re interested in Steiner. How did you find out about him? Are people in Japan familiar with his work? I’m glad you found your way here!

  32. Naomi

    Thank you so much for these pearls of wisdom that reach my inbox each day, on the days I am unable to read a full lecture at least I have these quotes to keep me nourished.
    I am so very grateful for them and for the work you do. Blessings

    1. Here’s something that might interest you Sarah. it has to do with your favoured animal 🐴 :
      ” Someone who knows about these things will be aware that elemental spirits of a particularly good kind develop if there is a good relationship between a rider and his horse”
      Feelings, thoughts and inner impulses develop through the connection certain people have to animal groups that provide good nourishment for those salamandar-like spirits.
      […] through those feelings, the shepherd develops abilities that allow the elementals to murmur the things they know into his ears.”
      (Source: Good and Evil Spirits and their Influence on Humanity, collected works of Steiner, Lecture 11, Berlin, 1 June 1908.)

      1. Ah, nice Antoine, thank you! I am blessed with the ability to just be with Horse. The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears…I think that proverb had much truth to it.

      1. dT

        Just made a donation to The Archive. Thanks again for your lovely service. I read your Quotes regularly here in Marin (across the Golden Gate Bridge near SF).Cheers.

  33. dT

    Thanks for the song! Brought back memories.

    Like yourself, I was born in 1950, in San Francisco.The City has changed greatly over the years….now more expensive than New York!

    Keep up the Good Work.

  34. hello Rizard, I am compelled to tell you how much I appreciate your blog, it is some years that I visit most days, or when not, I catch up on missed posts. Your blog has become a punctuation in my day, food for thought, more important for remembering from the hundreds of past lectures I have heard, the books I have read. Everyday I am astonished anew about the intrinsic wisdom of our friend ‘mr Steiner’ on every subject. Wishing you a continuance of inspired writings! Donna Lee (Italy)

  35. Hello, Ridzerd, Rudolf Steiner is a great inspiration for my wife and me. i look forward every day to the quotes you provide. I often send them on to certain of my friends. Thank you so much for the great service you offer. It is a highlight of my day. I’ll add here that I have read over 100 books of Steiner’s lectures and writing. His work is one of the biggest gifts in my life. Perhaps you will find interesting a day long workshop I offered on “The Farm as a Social Organism,” which was very influenced by Steiner’s work: http://angelicorganics.com/Angelic_Organics___Chicago_CSA/Angelic_Organics___Receive_Our_Vegetables_files/Stir_ANGE_ORG.pdf You probably know my friend in Holland, Jan Diek van Mansfelt.

    1. I know you were directing this to Ridzerd… but had to say I just got Farmer John’s Cookbook, great pieces in it regarding nutrition from a spiritual science perspective. Thank you for this link, I love reading all I can (just need more time…)

    2. Thank you very much for your interest in my Steiner quotes. I appreciate it also much that you send the quotes sometimes to friends.
      I do not know Jan Diek van Mansfelt, but I have heard his name many times.
      Thanks also for the link. I still have to read it.

  36. Sarah, Thank you for your comments about the cookbook. It’s now out of print, after selling about 23,000 copies. Here’s a link to it on the Angelic Organnics web page: http://www.angelicorganics.com/ao/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=130&Itemid=180. I endeavored to have it be about the forces in food, as opposed to the substance. I was and still am tired of the materialistic pre-occupation with food today. Yikes! I took it about as far as I thought I could without alienating lay-people–those not familiar with Steiner or esoterics in general. Then I tried to balance it out with comedy and stories–in case the message struck one as too pious.

  37. From what I’ve seen so far I think you did a great job all around, but then again I’m deeply into Steiner. (one of these days I’ll have to actually look at the recipes in the book! 🙂

    1. Sarah, Thank you. That cookbook was a gargantuan project. It’s title was supposed to be “From Field to Fesat,” but after a standoff with the publisher, I finally consented to it’s current title. It was especially important to me to get readers into relationship to the vegetables as they grow in the fields, and the process of growing them. There are no photos of the dishes that would have been created from the recipes…it’s all about the context of the vegetables on the farm.

      1. I can imagine it was. I used to be a small (very small) organic grower here selling to a few local restaurants and the food co-op, so I completely understand the farm to table issue – and what happens on the farm is of utmost importance to what winds up on the table and ultimately in the digestive system – for all domestic creatures. That was several years ago (before the USDA took over) and unfortunately the concept of biodynamic (as well as the entire anthroposophical approach to nutrition) had not yet come to me. I applaud your efforts to continue the CSA as well as the educational aspect. 🙂

  38. B McGrath

    I read the English Translations of Steiner on a daily basis. I learn new things and reinforce and bring back to consciousness content of Steiner’s work which I have previously read. These quotations provide a daily reminder to approach and see the world and events which I encounter with a more in depth perception. Often they arrive with insight into what is presently happening in my life situation. I thank you for all of your daily efforts. Your work is much appreciated.

  39. Very useful blog, many thanks for posting the quotes. It is always interesting how up-to-date everything sounds. Really inspiring! I am always looking forward to th next post and trying then to read the whole lecture.

  40. Most nights, my wife Haidy reads Steiner to me before we sleep. Her melodious voice envelopes Steiner’s wisdom with additional richness and depth. The next evening, before she reads again, we sometimes review what she read the night before. Like a dream, the content is often hard to articulate or even remember. It was thrilling and illuminating in the moment, and then it seems to vaporize. Of course, it does not vaporize; it resides within, and percolates, synthesizes, and integrates.

    1. Yes, I have also often that I cannot remember what I read the day before. If you ask me what quote I posted yesterday, I don’t know it, I have to look on the website again first.

      1. After Countess Keyserlingk’s young nephew told Steiner in Koberwitz that he didn’t care for school and didn’t have a good memory, Steiner said that a poor memory can help a person get closer to the spiritual world. I’m encouraged!

  41. dear Ridzerd:

    Very pleasantly surprised to see your site this morning, excited!

    I come from China, is founder of hiwaldorf.com, which is the largest website on Waldorf in Chinese world. last month, we are trying to develop a little service about Steiner quotations , now the site was build, the link is: http: //steiner.hiwaldorf.com/

    I plan to achieve these functions on this website: 1, according to the topic category for easy retrieval. 2, multiple language versions of every Quotes, easy to learn (provides the interface can be translated into other languages). 3, the content of high quality and short, easy to spread.

    World is big, it never arrived at the place, someone like you doing the same thing, great!

    PS:My English is not good, this message by means of the google translate complete

    1. Thank you very much, Ming Xia. A very good initiative, your blog http: //steiner.hiwaldorf.com/

      You can of course copy as much quotes from my blog as you like. I appreciate it very much. The more people read Steiner, the better it is.

      Best regards, Ridzerd

  42. Lu

    Ridzerd, I just want to send a big thank you for your daily Rudolf Steiner posts.
    What you do is so very good. And inspiring and thought provoking in so many ways.
    I really appreciate your doing this – it must take a lot of your time – I know, because it takes up a lot of mine reading them ((:
    I wish I had found Dr Steiner years ago, there is so much to learn and do…
    Thank you again for your work!

  43. Rod Smith

    Thanks for being here Ridzerd. I too am a avid admirer of Steiner’s work for what he has laid out for those in tune to examine the nature of existence and the spiritual world. I came here by chance looking for a quote a had read in the lectures on the Mission of Michael: Lecture 3. I did not find the exact one here, much of his words overlap or are rephrased in slightly different fashion. I since found what I was looking for. Here it is:

    “In regard to our own soul constitution we can say to ourselves: We have to overcome a certain error. I do not wish to burden you unduly with narrow abstractions and philosophical world conceptions, but I have to draw your attention to such a symptom of modern human evolution as the philosopher Cartesius (Descartes) who lived at the dawn of the modern age. He still knew something of the spiritual which plays through the dying nervous system of man. But he made at the same time the statement: “I think, therefore I am.” That is the opposite of the truth. When we think we are not; for in thinking we have merely the image of reality. Thinking would be of no consequence for us if we would exist within reality with our thinking, if thinking were not merely an image. We must become conscious of the mirror-character of our world of mental images, of our world of thoughts. The moment we become conscious of this mirror character we shall appeal to a different source of reality within us. Of this, Michael wills to speak to us. That means, we must try to recognize our thought world in the mirror-character; then we shall work against the Luciferic evolution. For the latter is greatly interested in pouring substance into our thinking, in trying to delude us with the erroneous belief that thinking is permeated by substance. Thinking contains no substance, but merely image. We shall take substance out of other and deeper levels of our consciousness. That is the one condition. We only need to be conscious that our thoughts make us weak, then we shall appeal to the strength of Michael; for he is to be the spirit who points us to that which is stronger in us than thought, whereas we have learned through modern civilization chiefly to look upon thought, and by doing so have become weak human beings because we have considered thought itself to be something real. We may imagine that we are turning ever so far away from mere abstract intelligence, but this is an illusion; for as modern human beings we are in the bondage of intelligence and do not send out of the deeper levels of our being into thoughts themselves that which ought to be in them.”

    By the way, it is nice to see someone from the Netherlands interested in Steiner. My wife is 100 Dutch. I believe her parents are from Nieuwegein and have tulip farm that’s a historical landmark.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Pam, I have no idea why the link is not working. In my own e-mail message of today’s quote it is working good. I also received no messages from other readers that the ink does not work. Sorry, but thanks for telling me.

  44. Regarding the Steiner quote of Jan 8 –about the “banishment” of the spirit back then and perhaps the soul soon–there is a reference is to “a congress like the one held in 1912.” He is referring to a congress in Constantinople, of which there were 7 major ones. starting in the 4th century. I don’t know which one lead to banishment of the spirit, but I do think that “1912” is in error. Farmer John Peterson P.S. We so appreciate this service!

    1. Yes, I think you are right, mr. Peterson. In the German Gesamtausgabe 177 it is also written 1912, so I left it like that. But it must be probably the year 869. I am not sure. Thanks anyway.

  45. Hi Ridzerd,
    Have been getting a “page not found” lately when I try to link to the posts from my email. I cleared cache just now but that did not help. Can find it by search but then clicking on the ‘continue reading’ link does the same thing.

    1. Hi Sarah, was it only one post where you got “page not found” or were it more posts? It is hard for me to say what is wrong. Are you sure you have not changed something in the settings of the computer? Have you also looked in the Spam box? I am sorry about this. If you still have problems with it, I shall mail to the forum of WordPress.

  46. There have been two or three this week including the one today. However, one post earlier this week showed up a couple days later. No, I’m getting the emails so not going to spam, it is on here that I get the page not found. And no, have not changed any settings on my end. One of those computer mysteries! But not to worry, I always check back a day or so later to see if I can get it then. 🙂

    1. Yes, very strange. I have also sometimes when I want to click on a “like” button of another WordPress blogger, it does not work.
      Just wait a few days, maybe the problem will solve itself. If not, let me know, then I mail to WordPress help.

  47. Hi Ridzerd – just letting you know that I’m getting the page not found notice again…even when I do a search on your blog for Morality/Education, it comes up in the listing and synopsis but when I click on either of the ‘read more’ links (the title or Continue Reading), it takes me to the page not found.

    1. Hi Sarah, was this only today or also yesterday or the other days from 30 January untill now? Because I myself got a notice in red letters: Planning failed. So, if it was only today, then there went something wrong only today, but if it are also other days, I shall write to the help of WordPress.

  48. Yesterday it worked fine, even from my email link. It seems sporadic. Since I first wrote you (above on Jan 29) it’s been fine until today, but I know it did happen a few times prior to that, sorry didn’t make notes of when tho’.

  49. I wanted to ask the Helpdesk from WordPress, Sarah, but when I click there nothing happens. So I mailed the question now to the Forum of WordPress. As soon as I have answer, I will let you know here on the About page.

    1. Hello Sarah, I am sorry to say that there is still no answer on the forum of WordPress. I tried again to contact them on the Help page, but it is not working. Maybe it is only for paying bloggers, I pay nothing. But I presume that the problem is already solved and you get the mails every day, because I receive every day a mail notification of your likes on my blogs.

  50. Hi Ridzerd – yes have been able to open them just fine the past several days, so maybe WP had a glitch and they fixed it. That’s a good way to know…if I don’t ‘like’ it at least by the end of the day then you know something is wrong! LOL

  51. Thank you for your work ! Just stumbled upon it. I have been deeply and profoundly influenced by Rudolf Steiner’s writings and conferences since I read about him. I also have a blog in which I write my personal thoughts in French and English.
    Also, funny enough, I’m going to Amsterdam in a few days.
    I am embracing more and more the fact that my life’s mission is to spread knowledge, and accurate knowledge. Thus, Steiner has been for me such a strong reference in many fields. He talks about lots of stuff that I cannot take for granted, because I don’t experience it as he did.. though I do feel what he talks about, and it is humbling my self, honoring the depth of life, nourishing vital forces in my spiritual bodies that are really hungry and fond of the fruits he produced.

    Anyway, thanks again for your work, I’m glad I found you !

  52. Diana Haynes

    Dear Ridzerd,
    Being a longtime follower of Steiner, the daily quotes are a great way for me to keep fresh my enthusiasm for his vast wisdom. I often send the quotes on to friends and post them on FB. Your work is an important gift for the spiritual world for with each post you plant a seed and where it may end up growing – you never know. PS. The English is always excellent.

    1. Thank you very much, dear Diana. I also appreciate it very much that you send the quotes often to friends and to FB.
      The English translations I find mostly in the RS Archive on internet. But there are also many quotes which are not in the RS Archive, That quotes are translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger and by a translator from Lebanon, who wants to stay anonymous. Thank you for the compliments.

  53. Steve Fogelman

    Hi Ridzerd –
    I am researching to find how Mr. Steiner came to Dornach and chose the site but have not yet found any information. I would greatly appreciate if you cn direct to to a book or website. THANK YOU

    1. Hi Steve, I am sorry to say that I don’t know much about this, But I have found something in Wikipedia, but it is all in German. I translated a part with Google, but it is a bad translation. I hope this is useful for you.

      On the initiative of Steiners the architect Carl Schmid-Curtius (1884-1931) [17] was commissioned to draw up designs for a plot in Munich-Schwabing. The building project saw a double-dome structure and received the name Johannesbau [18] after the main design Johannes Thomasius from Rudolf Steiner’s Mysteriendramen. Steiner’s involvement in the plans was limited to the design of the stage and to smaller details. The plan for this building, however, met with considerable opposition from the municipal authorities, the neighboring church, and the local residents, and negotiations on the realization of the construction project proved to be lengthy.

      In the autumn of 1912 Steiner met the dentist Emil Grosheintz (1867-1946), an active and well-to-do member, who had already attended the Munich Congress during a lecture series in Basel. Grosheintz invited Steiner to his estate in Dornach, the house of Brodbeck. Since Steiner was now in doubt about the agreement to reach an agreement on the construction project in Munich, he was interested in the neighboring and barely built, slightly hilly terrain in the Birstal. Grosheintz offered him the property and Steiner visited it in March 1913 together with an architect. The site seemed suitable for structural and formal reasons – the canton of Solothurn had at that time no building law at all.


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