Hello, my name is Ridzerd van Dijk (born January 24, 1950) from The Netherlands. I have for more than one and a half year a WordPress weblog with quotes and fragments of Rudolf Steiner, in Dutch. I thought it is a good idea to bring also quotes in English, to reach more readers who are interested in Steiner and his work. 

Greetings, Ridzerd  (September 26, 2012)

At present, there are already 529 e-mail followers. Thank you very much everybody. (July 19, 2015)

Today there are 600 e-mail followers. Thanks again everybody. (September 8, 2015)

The past few days saw a sudden increase in new email followers, bringing the number of subscribers to this site to over 1000. I am very delighted to know that an increasing number of people realize the vital importance of Steiner’s work. Many thanks to you all. (August 31, 2016)


176 thoughts on “About

  1. Liliana

    Thank you for the service you are providing to Anthroposophy.
    However, I was shocked when I read this excerpt – January 23, 2018 – Steiner saying not to engage in too much thinking!!!??. I have the book ( “From Comets to Cocaine – Answers to Questions” and the excerpt you quote is on pages 205-206) and the interpretation is very different. Where your posting uses the word ‘thinking’ the book uses ‘speculation’ which makes perfect sense.

    This is very misleading and dangerous to Steiner’s cause. More care should be taken and consideration of Steiner’s thought is indispensable when quoting him because with the English versions we are always dealing with translations, which at times are extremely bad.

    A previous edition was called “Health and Illness”.

  2. Freeman

    Dear Ridzert,
    Rally a great anthroposophical site of yours. I was especially delighted upon recent quote by Rudolf Steiner about copyrights.
    May I make a proposal — just to change the frontispiece, picture with Chemtrails!!
    Very best wishes!

      1. Freeman

        There are many similar pictures — I personally made a lot of them in the mountains — but with clear blue sky, or with natural clouds (I also worked for many years as a weatherman at high mountain weather station, and am very familiar with the weather phenomenon). On the image above there are two lines of so-called Chemtrails having been sprayed from NATO aircrafts… it seems like the Web of Big Brother or Satana-el… Hopefully you can understand me… Best!

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