Poverty, misery and suffering are nothing but the result of egoism (4 – End)

Suppose that someone invents a remedy and wants to patent it right away. This shows that he was thinking of a personal advantage and that he isn’t filled with love for all mankind. For if men’s health was the most important thing for him he would be anxious to report what’s in the remedy and how it’s made. And something else would happen — he’d be convinced that the remedy that was made with his sentiments was the better one.

Here we’ve come to a statement that’s very important in esotericism: Ways of ennobling the soul must be arrived at. One who uses his thinking to attain beneficial progress must first see to it that human souls are ennobled.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 266 – From the Contents of Esoteric Classes – Hamburg, 3rd March 1906