The child reveals the deepest world riddles in a wonderful way

Anthroposophical spiritual science does not regard education as a science, nor as theoretical knowledge, but as a true art, as an art dealing with the most noble material we have in the world, with the human being himself, with the child that in such a miraculous way reveals to us the deepest world riddles, who year after year, one would even like to say, from week to week, illustrates how the spiritual, the soul, still deeply hidden as a divine gift from the spirit world, becomes visible in its physiognomy, through its gestures, through everything with which it expresses life.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 218 – Geistige Zusammenhänge in der Gestaltung des menschlichen Organismus – London, November 20, 1922 (page 243-244)  

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

Previously posted on January 8, 2018

The time will come that people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul

The time will come, and it may not be far off, that people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul. ‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and — you can be quite sure of it — a medicine will be found for this. At Constantinople the spirit was made non-existent. The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a ‘sound point of view’, people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and a spirit.

The two philosophies of life will be in complete opposition. One movement will need to reflect how concepts and ideas may be developed to meet the reality of soul and spirit. The others, the heirs of modern materialism, will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy’, that is, makes its constitution such that this body no longer talks of such rubbish as soul and spirit, but takes a ‘sound’ view of the forces which live in engines and in chemistry and let planets and suns arise from nebulae in the cosmos. Materialistic physicians will be asked to drive the souls out of humanity.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 177 – Fall of the Spirits of Darkness – Lecture 5 – Dornach, 7th October 1917

Translated by Anna R. Meuss

Previously posted on July 29, 2015