No contradiction

I have often indicated that there is no contradiction between a scientific fact that is correctly presented and the facts brought forward by Spiritual Science. It is just as if someone were to say: Here is a man; how comes it that he is alive? It is because he has lungs inside him and there is air outside. Needless to say, that is quite correct. 

But someone else may turn up and say: This man is alive for an entirely different reason. A fortnight ago he fell into the water and I jumped in after him and pulled him out; but for that he would not be alive today! Both these assertions are correct. In the same way, natural science is quite correct when it says that a man bears within himself characteristics inherited from his ancestors; but it is equally correct to attribute them to his karma and other factors.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 141 – Between death and rebirth: Lecture Eight – Berlin, February 11, 1913


Absurd theories

Spiritual science does not contradict natural science but provides complete confirmation of scientific facts. However, the people whose task it is to know, are fearful; for complex thoughts, even thinking, in general, men have an unwholesome fear. And just because human beings nowadays find it so easy to learn and after having read a little bit can become an authority – not only an authority, but even a great discoverer of scientific facts – so many absurd theories are being produced. Because if he has a few concepts and knows a few facts, then he can today pretend to be a reformer of scientific knowledge.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 167 – Gegenwärtiges und Vergangenes im Menschengeiste – Berlin, May 16, 1916 (page 251)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

Previously posted on June 1, 2016