Very difficult

People often say: “This is becoming very difficult — we can’t keep up with it.” But look — with really flexible thinking, free from prejudice, you will be able to keep up.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 227 – The Evolution of Consciousness: V: The Relation of Man to the Three Worlds – Penmaenmawr, 23rd August, 1923  

Translated by Violet E. Watkin & Charles Davy


There is no need to believe the communications of Spiritual Science

To one who believes the communications of Spiritual Science to be pure fantasy, we say: believe what you will. You may even consider Spiritual Scientists to be the biggest frauds on Earth. But keep this firmly in mind: there’s something else that lies between believing and disbelieving, and that is listening without prejudice.

Here’s an unlikely case in point: If one to whom you give a map of Asia Minor tells you: “this is not a map of Asia Minor, but a figment of your imagination”, respond: what you say now does not matter, but do remember the map details, and once you travel to Asia Minor, you will find out for yourself that the map is absolutely correct.

No one needs to believe the communications of spiritual science. Given a precise and unprejudiced outlook we will find enough evidence in this life to confirm the one after.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 54 – Die Welträtsel und die Anthroposophie – Berlijn, 15 February 1906 (page 282-283)

Anonymous translator

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How animals see us

If the animals could speak, they would only speak of visible realms; of the mineral realm, the plant realm, and the animal realm. They would consider themselves as the highest visible realm. That the animals see the human being like a human being sees the other is only a prejudice.

Human beings are of a supersensible, ghostly existence to the animals; If the animals had only such a perception as we have, the human beings would be as invisible for them as the realm of angels is for the human beings. Only because they have a certain kind of dreamy clairvoyance, the animals see the human being as a ghost, as a supersensible being. The human being can have no idea of the image which an animal has of him.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 159 – The Mystery of Death – Prague, 13th May 1915

On reading to the dead

If the souls that have remained behind make a clear mental image of the dead person and, at the same time, bring to mind an anthroposophical train of thought
or open an anthroposophical book and in thought, not aloud, read to the dead whose spiritual image stands before them, the dead will become aware of it. […]

It is a grave error to think that a human being need only to die in order, so to speak, to come into contact with the whole spiritual world. […] It is deep prejudice that believes the souls become quite wise as soon as they have passed through the portals of death.

[…] During the time immediately following death, the departed is also more connected with the language he has last spoken, if he has exclusively spoken only one language. We should really consider the fact that during the time immediately following death we have to send our thoughts to the dead, — we must send our thoughts to them — in the language they were accustomed to.

Source: Rudolf steiner – GA 140 – Occult Research into Life Between Death and a New Birth: THE COSMIC ASPECT OF LIFE BETWEEN DEATH AND NEW BIRTH, THE WAY THROUGH THE PLANETARY SPHERES – Stuttgart, February 17, 1913

Translated by Ruth Hofrichter

Picture/Spiritual knowledge

To paint a picture, one must be an artist; but to experience the beauty and inner content of the picture one need not be an artist, one has only to approach the picture with a sincere and open mind. It is the same with spiritual knowledge. In order to “paint” in ideas, one must be a researcher in the spirit; but once the picture is painted, it stands there for others to behold. And if these, who are not themselves “artists”, are free from prejudice and are sincere seekers after truth, they will receive health and healing from the descriptions of the spiritual world.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 231 – SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE: A WAY OF LIFE – The Hague, November 16, 1923

Translated by Mary Adams