Changing interests

We must keep in mind that we become different from other men through our occult development. Our interests change, and one often hears esoterics complain that they’ve lost interest in many things that used to interest them, and that they feel a inner boredom and emptiness. This is a quite normal state that soon passes. And the emptiness of their soul will soon be filed with interests that’ll replace the other ones a thousandfold. Nevertheless, we should not give up our connection with other men and the interests that filled us previously, and above all things we shouldn’t demand that people must change their circle of interests.

Source Rudolf Steiner – GA 266 – From the Contents of Esoteric Classes – Oslo, June 20, 1910

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Dangers of Occult Development

When a pupil becomes clairvoyant, the passions that emanate from people, look to him like a tableau, from which centre they radiate. Mirrored passions appear as animals assaulting him. Man sees the lower passions around him as all kinds of wild animals, such as mice, rats and the like. If the student, not having learned this, experiences for the first time his own passions as mice and rats rushing at him, then pathological conditions such as paranoia might easily occur.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 101 – Mythen und Sagen Okkulte Zeichen und Symbole – Cologne, December 27, 1907 (page 224)

Anonymous translator

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No occult school sees in its teaching and requirements anything like a moral law valid for all mankind

Yesterday we concluded by outlining the three methods of occult development: the Eastern, the Christian and the Rosicrucian. Today we will begin by going more closely into the details which distinguish these three paths. But first I should say that no occult school sees in its teaching and requirements anything like a moral law valid for all mankind. The requirements apply only to those who deliberately choose to devote themselves to a particular occult training. You can, for instance, be a very good Christian and fulfil everything that the Christian religion prescribes for the laity without undergoing a Christian occult training. It goes without saying that you can be a good man and come to a form of the higher life without any occult training.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 95 – At the Gates of Spiritual Science: Lecture XIII: Oriental and Christian Training – Stuttgart, 3rd September 1906

Translated by E.H. Goddard & Charles Davy

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After death/Imagination

At the moment when we die, the thought becomes what it should not become in the ordinary consciousness; the thought then becomes Imagination. This Imagination, which in occult development is striven for with all one’s effort, occurs when the human being passes through death. All his thoughts become pictures; the human being then lives entirely in pictures.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 205 – Therapeutic Insights: Lecture V – Dornach, July 3, 1921

Translated by Alice Wulsin & Gerald Karnow