After the time in kamaloka, devachan time begins, the entry into the spiritual world, the homeland of the gods and all spiritual beings. When a human enters this world, he experiences a feeling that can be compared to the liberation of a plant growing in a narrow rock crevice and suddenly emerging into the light. When a human enters this heavenly world, he experiences inwardly utter spiritual freedom and henceforth enjoys absolute bliss.

For, what essentially is this time of devachan? You can imagine it if you consider that the human being prepares for a new life and rebirth here. In the physical, earthly world, the human has experienced and lived through much and has taken this with him. He has absorbed these experiences as the fruit of life, which he can now process freely within himself. He now forms an archetype for a new life on earth. This process takes place over a long period. It is the creation of one’s new life, and this creating, this creative process is intertwined with bliss. […] People experience joy in the world of devachan when weaving the fruits of the past life into the blueprint for a new life.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 108 – Die Beantwortung von Welt- und Lebensfragen durch Anthroposophie – Breslau, 2 December 1908 (page 58)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger


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