The logic of opponents

All kinds of people wanted their children to attend Waldorf School, anthroposophists and non-anthroposophists. Very strange opinions were held. Naturally enough parents are fondest of their own children and of course want to send them to an excellent school. To give one example, we have had the following experience. There are many opponents whose opposition is based on scientific grounds; and they know that anthroposophy is so much foolish, unscientific rubbish. 

Nevertheless they send their children to the Waldorf School. They even discover that the Waldorf School suits their children admirably. Recently two such people visited the Waldorf School and said — But this Waldorf School is really good, we notice this in our children; but what a pity that it is based on anthroposophy. Now the Waldorf School would not be there at all if anthroposophy were not there. So, you see, the judgment of many people amounts to this: It is as if one would say: That is an excellent dancer; the only pity is that he must stand on two legs. Such is the logic of opponents.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 310 – HUMAN VALUES IN EDUCATION X. The Relation of the Art of Teaching to the Anthroposophical Movement – Arnheim, 24 July 1924

Translated by Vera Compton-Burnett