Anecdote on Divorce by Adelheid Petersen

Around that time (1914-1915), there dwelt in Dornach a young woman who lived in severe conflict with her husband and sought to divorce him. Moved by compassion, Rudolf Steiner helped her out with much kindness and infinite patience. Gradually, the young woman reached a state of inner balance and wrote her husband asking to return to him. However, the man rejected her request, in a cold dismissive tone. She came to Rudolf Steiner with her husband’s letter, in a state of despair.

“Yes,” he said, “You see, that’s only the result of all those reproachful, angry, and hostile letters you wrote him.”

“But, Herr Doctor!”, she exclaimed, “I never sent the letters, but always tore them up! I only wrote them to ease my pain!” 

“Yes,” said Steiner, “but his soul received them all.”

Source (German): Adelheid Petersen – Erinnerungen an Rudolf Steiner – Chapter: Dornach in den Jahren 1914-1915

Anonymous translator


Adelheid Petersen

Previously posted on July 19, 2018