The last moments of Rudolf Steiner’s life

Ita Wegman recalled:

He went as though it were the obvious thing to do. There was no struggle, no attempt to remain upon the earth any longer. He gazed calmly into the space before him for a time, said a couple of tender words to me, consciously closed his eyes and folded his hands. (Nachrichtenblatt, 1925)

Guenther Wachsmuth remembered:

The last moments of Rudolf Steiner’s life upon the earth were free of any struggle with his body, free of any of the uncertainty that often accompanies death; his visage spoke of peacefulness, grace, inner certainty, and spiritual vision. He folded his hands upon his breast, his eyes light-filled and strong, gazed into those words with which he united himself. When his last breath came, he closed his own eyes.

From: Rudolf Steiner – A biography by Christoph Lindenberg – page 759

Previously posted on November 11, 2020


Drawing by William Scott Pyle