Discussion begins only when there is a lack of knowledge

Here we see verified a great historical law that should be of special significance to the spiritual scientist: As long as people knew what the Lord’s Supper was, they did not discuss it. They began to discuss it only after they had lost direct knowledge of it. 

Let us consider the fact that people discuss a particular matter as an indication that they do not really know it. Where knowledge exists, knowledge is narrated, and there is no particular desire for discussion. Where people feel like discussing something, they have, as a rule, no knowledge of the truth. Discussion begins only when there is a lack of knowledge, and it is always and everywhere the sign of decline regarding the seriousness of a subject matter when discussions about it are to be heard. Discussions portend the decline of a particular trend. 

It is very important that time and again in Spiritual Science we learn to understand that the wish to discuss something should actually be construed as a sign of ignorance. On the other hand, we should cultivate the opposite of discussion, and that is the will to learn and the will to gradually comprehend what is in question.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 109 – Christianity in Human Evolution: Lecture II: Leading Individualities and Avatar Beings – Berlin, February 15, 1909

Translated by Frances E. Dawson, and Edited by Gilbert Church