The Sixth post-Atlantean epoch will see quite another race

Question: Will further cleavages come in human evolution?

Answer: Yes, and in fact that is what is called in Theosophy/Anthroposophy “going through the Crisis.” We now stand in the Fifth post-Atlantean epoch (1413-3573). The Sixth post-Atlantean epoch (3573-5733) will see quite another race, noble and beautiful, in contrast to the thrown off, decadence which will be a race of men, horribly ugly, animal-like, sensual, vicious, far more horror-provoking than our present humanity, because these will go on developing downwards. 

It is shown quite clearly in the Apocalypse how the division will occur in the so-called Last Judgment. He who is quite selfless can even now become ripe for the Sixth Race. He may still indeed continue to incarnate, but only in order to help the others. Many may perhaps find that the Judgment sounds harsh, but they have, as we know, the choice. 

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 97 – The Animal Soul – Leipzig, 16th March, 1907

Translated by Anna R. Meuss

Pictures are from ‘Lord of the rings’.