Unable to cope with life

One of the objections which are often made against this (anthroposophical) worldview is that it makes the human being unable to cope with life. Let me still go into it with some words. No, anthroposophy does not make unable to cope with life, but more capable, just because we know what the permanent and what the transient is. Of course, somebody who thinks that the body is a dress which the soul only puts on and takes off again as it is sometimes said becomes unable to cope with life. But this is a wrong picture which should be used by no researcher. The body is not a dress, but a tool for the soul. A tool the soul uses to work with it in the world. 

And he who knows the permanent and invigorates it in himself uses the tool better than somebody who only knows the transient. He strives for invigorating the eternal in himself by means of constant activity. He carries this activity over to another life, and he becomes more and more capable. This picture lets the thought disappear to nothing that the human being  becomes unfit to cope with life because of knowledge. We are able to work even in a more competent and more permanent way if we recognise that we work not only for this one short life but for all future times.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 52 – Spiritual Teachings of Soul/World: Course I – Lecture I: The Eternal and the Transient in the Human Being- Berlin, September 6, 1903