Progress of the human mind / Human coexistence

We can no longer deny that one fact is sure: that big progress of the human mind, which has constructed the machines etcetera, which has spun round our whole earth with a matchless traffic network, this development of the human mind did not keep abreast of the reflection that is the optimal way of the human living together. 

Today nobody would believe that a machine constructs itself that no intelligence, no mental power must be applied to bring a machine into being and to create a traffic system. However, how many are there today who — even if they do not admit it — take the view in their innermost feeling that the human coexistence originates completely from itself that one does not need any mental strength to intervene in it as one intervenes in a factory.

Source:  Rudolf Steiner – GA 54 – Spiritual Science and the Social Question – Hamburg, 2nd March 1908