Letter from Steiner to his sister and brother

Dornach, November 12, 1924

My dear sister and brother,

First of all, my dear sister, the warmest and most beautiful thoughts for your name day. Although I must be far from you, I think of you a lot on this day. I hope your health will improve soon. Count Polzer was here yesterday; we talked about you. He is bringing the medicine for you.

It has been a busy year for me this year. So many trips had to be made. To Paris, to Holland, to England. In between always the trips to Stuttgart. Then a long journey to Breslau.

Oh, my dear brother and sister, I am so sorry that I could not visit you for such a long time; I give myself hope that before not too long, it will be possible again. Now I think of you a lot, my dear ones, and am with you in my thoughts. After the travels, I have a lot to do here with the new building of the Goetheanum. Yes, there is much to do.

As I write this, Marie is travelling to give lectures; she will only return in the next few days. Therefore, she cannot personally add her greetings to this letter. But you can be sure that she sends you the best wishes from her heart.

With warmest greetings and kisses to you and Gustave,

From your Rudolf

Source (German): BRIEFE – BAND II 1890-1925 – GA 039 – letter 649 (page 480-481)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

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