Steiner’s opinion on film and cinema seems different from what is often thought

Text below is part of an article from Anthropopper. This article contains part of a letter from J.E. Zeylmans van Emmichoven.

“Michael Ende says that Rudolf Steiner was opposed to cinema, and that he even has evidence of comments to that effect by Dr Steiner. I would therefore like to put it on record that, curiously, I can testify to the opposite. For five years I was secretary to the Dutch publisher Pieter de Haan, who joined the Society in 1912, and, until 1924, had many conversations with Rudolf Steiner. Thus he had a very close acquaintance with him.  Mr de Haan often told me that Dr Steiner wanted us to make films. Rudolf Steiner said that it was a suitable medium for presenting the laws of destiny in the course of recurring incarnations. It is my belief that Dr Steiner was a little different from how many nowadays imagine him to have been”.

Source: Anthropopper – Rudolf Steiner and cinema – July 31, 2020


Photo of a cinema interior in 1913