Humankind is called today to take in something new

Those people simply no longer exist who, without their own involvement, are implanted with wisdom that inwardly inspires them. Today only those people who feel that Anthroposophy speaks to their hearts should come to it. We should not use propaganda and agitate for Anthroposophy. Only through their own free initiative should anyone come to Anthroposophy. This can occur when individuals are deeply affected in a living way by spiritual knowledge. […]

Anthroposophy should become life, so that any soul that truly absorbs Anthroposophy is gradually transformed. Absorbing Anthroposophy means that a soul is transformed such that it can arrive at an understanding of Christ. […] 

Humankind is called today to take in something new, something divine, and thereby to undertake again an ascent into the spiritual world. The anthroposophical teaching concerning evolution is imparted; it should not be believed but rather humankind should come to the point of understanding it through its own power of judgment. […] It is not proclaimed only to a particular people or place. Those who hear the call of spiritual wisdom will come together from all parts of humanity.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 104a – Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse: Part 2: Lecture Seven – Kristiana, May 16, 1909