About pregnancy, hydrocephalus and acrocephaly

There are children who are born with “water on the brain,” that is, with hydrocephalus. In most cases this can be traced back to the fact that the mother, who perhaps rightly sought stimulation in life, was bored stiff during the first months of pregnancy, particularly the first few weeks. Perhaps her husband frequently went out alone to the local pub and she, being left at home, was extremely bored. The result was that she lacked the energy required to influence the brain cells. Boredom makes her head empty; the empty head, in turn, imparts emptiness to the abdomen. It does not develop sufficient strength to hold the forces of the child’s head together properly. The head swells up, becoming hydrocephalus. 

Other children are born with abnormally small heads, particularly the upper portion of the head, that is, with acrocephaly. Most of these cases are connected with the fact that during the first weeks of pregnancy the mother engaged in too much diversion and amused herself excessively. If such matters are observed properly, a relationship can always be noted between the child’s development and the mother’s mood of soul during the early weeks of pregnancy.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 348 – Health and Illness, Volume II: Lecture I:  Fever Versus Shock: Pregnancy– Dornach, 30th December 1922

Translated by Maria St. Goar

Previously posted on May 1, 2018