As with money, so it is with health

As with money, so it is with health. When we go after money in order to have it for benevolent purposes, then it is something wholesome, something good. Going after money may not be condemned, for it is something that enables us to forward the cultural process. If we go after money for money’s sake, then it is absurd, laughable. It is the same with health. If we go after health for health’s sake, then the striving has no significance. If we put ourselves out for health for what we can achieve through our health, then the effort for the sake of health is justified.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 56 –Illusory Illness and the Feverish Pursuit of Health: II – THE FEVERISH PURSUIT OF HEALTH – Munich, 7th December 1907

Translated by Sarah Kurland

Previously posted on August 11, 2016