The human soul thirsts for ideas and concepts that surpass death

The human soul needs the results of spiritual research to understand issues we will speak about in the next lecture, “The enigma of death and questions about life”. The human soul thirsts for ideas and concepts that surpass death, ideas and concepts that truly understand the being of the human soul. And whosoever would deny himself this urge to comprehend the human soul, would be able to suppress it for a time, this urge that we could call the longing of the soul to find solutions to questions about life. 

But it turns out that even though the soul can do without this spiritual food, the thirst for it that wells up and that can drive the soul not only to desperation, but to ill health as well, cannot be suppressed. To a certain extent, the human being needs the results of spiritual science for his well-being and to feel secure. And to satisfy the soul in the right way with the results of spiritual science, the only thing needed is a healthy mental capacity. The natural feeling for truth is enough to comprehend what the spiritual researcher communicates. If it has not been researched, it cannot be communicated. But once it has been discovered and formulated, it can be understood.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 62 – Ergebnisse der Geistesforschung – Berlin, 21 November 1912 (page 139)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

Previously posted on October 9, 2017