Our memory is sometimes a bit better, sometimes a bit poorer, but we do have a memory. We have experiences; later we remember these experiences. What we experience in the spiritual world is different. We can experience it in its greatness, in beauty, in meaning – but when we have experienced it, it is over with. And it must be experienced again, if the soul wants it to stand in front of it again. It does not imprint itself in the memory in the usual way. It imprints itself in the memory only then, when one first take the trouble to transfer it into concepts, if one uses one’s mental capacity in the supersensible world. That is very difficult. One must indeed think without the help of the body. Therefore, one must have learned to order one’s concepts beforehand, must have become an orderly logician, so that one does not forget this logic, when one perceives in the spiritual world.

 Source(German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 305 –Die geistig-seelischen Grundkräfte der Erziehungskunst – Oxford, August 20, 1922 (page 84-85)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

Previously posted on December 6, 2017