Christ said: ‘I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.’

Those who are always saying: ‘That is not in the Bible, that is not true Christianity and those who maintain that it is, are heretics’, must be reminded that Christ also said: ‘I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now’. He did not say this in order to indicate that He wished to withhold anything from men, but that from epoch to epoch He would bring them new revelations. And this He will do through those who are willing to understand Him. Those who deny that there can be new revelations do not understand the Bible, neither do they understand Christianity. For they have no ears for what is implied in the admonition given by Christ: ‘I have still much to say to you — but prepare yourselves in order that you may be able to bear it and understand it.’

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 127 – The Concepts of Original Sin and Grace – Munich, 3rd May 1911

Translated by D. S. Osmond

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Energy and matter

The materialist who believes in the teachings of materialism, who believes in the doctrine of “energy and matter”, is not the worst, but he who is dependent on energy and matter. For example the person who can only live in this place in the winter, in summer only in that place, making himself totally dependent on the material environment so as not to become neurasthenic. That is why the main point is not merely that one does not believe in the doctrine of matter and energy, but the point is that we make ourselves independent of materiality. What kind of life is it, if one can only live in a big city in winter, in the summer only in the country? For such people praying does not help and faith does not help either because he is a materialist, dependent on “energy and matter”.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 127 – Die Mission der neuen Geistesoffenbarung – St. Gallen, February 26, 1911 – (page 108)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

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Spritual Science/Education/Self-education

Spiritual science does not merely signify the acquisition of knowledge; it signifies most pre-eminently an education, a self-education of our souls. We make ourselves different; we have other interests. When a man imbues himself with spiritual science, the habits of attention for this or for that subject which he developed during previous years, alter. What interested him before, interests him no longer; that which had no interest for him previously, now begins to interest him in the highest degree. One ought not simply to say that only a person who has gone through esoteric development can attain to a connection with the spiritual world; esotericism does not begin with occult development. The moment we make any link with spiritual science with our whole heart, esotericism has already begun; our souls begin at once to be transformed. There then begins in us something resembling what would arise, let us say, in a being who had previously only been able to see light and darkness, and who then through a special and different organisation of the eyes, begins to see colors. The whole world would appear different to such a being. We need only observe it, we need only realise it, and we shall soon see that the whole world begins to have a different aspect when we have for a time gone through the self-education we can get in a spiritual science circle.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 136 – The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature: Lecture 1 – Helsinki, 3rd April 1912

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These guide lines can do no harm

What is found in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment is apart from other books of instruction in that it is harmless. Only those guide lines are disclosed that cannot do damage to a person, even if they are not followed with patience and perseverance. They can do no harm even if a person practices them improperly.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 53 – The Inner Development of Man – Berlin, December 15, 1904

Translated by Maria St. Goar

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Ability to Receive Anthroposophy Limited

If one presents a public lecture about spiritual science or anthroposophy, then one is forced to take into account the inability to take in what is offered, by the contemporary world, one must be very much aware of this limited ability. One has to be clearly conscious of the fact that in our time, although there is an influx of insights streaming in from the spiritual world, insights which are necessary for humankind today, it is very difficult nowadays to be uninhibited in taking these truths in. Most people who are not well prepared to receive it will experience the deeper spiritual-scientific truths as a shock, as something which appears as fantastic or as a dream.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 127 – Die Mission der neuen Geistesoffenbarung – München, February 25, 1911 (page 86)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

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