There is no need to believe the communications of Spiritual Science

To one who believes the communications of Spiritual Science to be pure fantasy, we say: believe what you will. You may even consider Spiritual Scientists to be the biggest frauds on Earth. But keep this firmly in mind: there’s something else that lies between believing and disbelieving, and that is listening without prejudice.

Here’s an unlikely case in point: If one to whom you give a map of Asia Minor tells you: “this is not a map of Asia Minor, but a figment of your imagination”, respond: what you say now does not matter, but do remember the map details, and once you travel to Asia Minor, you will find out for yourself that the map is absolutely correct.

No one needs to believe the communications of spiritual science. Given a precise and unprejudiced outlook we will find enough evidence in this life to confirm the one after.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 54 – Die Welträtsel und die Anthroposophie – Berlijn, 15 February 1906 (page 282-283)

Anonymous translator

Previously posted on February 8, 2016