We are living in the fifth post-Atlantean period (1413-3573). In our fifth post-Atlantean period men will add the great teachings of Karma to the other teaching, they will learn to understand their karma. […] They will learn to grasp the idea: “I am placed on earth through birth; my destiny is on earth; I experience joy and sorrow; I must understand that what I experience as joy and sorrow does not approach me in vain, that it is my Karma, and that it comes to me because it is my Karma, my great educator. I look upon that which was before my birth, which placed me in this incarnation, because this, my destiny, is necessary for my further development.”

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 143 – The Three Paths of the Soul to Christ –  Lecture II: The Path of Initiation – Stockholm, 17th April 1912

Translated by Norman MacBeth

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