Connection between the deeds of men and happenings in nature

Nothing happens on earth without a spiritual connection. Our soul is connected to its good and evil deeds as a result of what is going on, on earth. When the earth rages during an earthquake, we will never say it is as a result of a single person’s karma, but mankind’s karma. Everyone can thump his heart and say his individual karma is included here, the single must perish, because right here the valve of the earth had to open up. He will be recompensed in future. — A materialistic point of view will say this is superstitious but whoever says this doesn’t realise how childishly the argument is. How can a flower grow without a spiritual basis, how can it be an expression of spirit and soul, just so no earthquake, no volcanic eruption can be without a spiritual origin, without a spiritual cause.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 108 – THE WAY OF KNOWLEDGE – Pforzheim, 17 January 1909

Translated by Hanna von Maltitz