There is no-one who has not experienced in its full reality what the spiritual investigator has to tell. And when the investigator clothes in words facts at first unrecognised, he is not appealing to something quite unknown to his hearers but to what everyone has experienced before earthly life.

The investigator of the spiritual world is simply evoking people’s cosmic memories; and all that he says about the spiritual world is living in the souls of everyone, though in the transition from pre-earthly to earthly life it has been forgotten. In fact, as an investigator of the spiritual world, one is simply recalling to people’s memories something they have forgotten.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 227 – The Evolution of Consciousness: III: Initiation-Knowledge — New and Old – Penmaenmawr, 21st August 1923

Translated by Violet E. Watkin & Charles Davy