Without spiritual insight earthly culture will die

The time now comes, where considering the human being as a spiritual being, going through a development between death and a new birth, must become a lively feeling. It must become a lively imagination, one must become able to live into perceiving the supernatural reality of human souls. Because without this understanding earthly culture will die. Practical activity will not be possible in the future, when there is no spiritual insight into the fact that every human being is a spiritual being. And one must add, as paradoxical as this still sounds to contemporary humanity, that one will have to learn not only to say: We are happy as parents that a child will be born for us, we welcome this expansion to our family, but the parents will also have to say: no, we are just the instruments. We provide the opportunity for a spiritual individuality, waiting to continue its existence on the earth.

Bron (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 196 – Geistige und soziale Wandlungen in der Menschheitsentwickelung – Dornach, February 6, 1920 (page 162)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger