What is it that occurs when a wrong is done?

What is it then that occurs when a wrong is done? Something is brought about by ourselves in the spiritual world. It is a purely materialistic belief that a wrong can take place without anything taking place in the spiritual world; it produces quite definite processes therein, — effects radiate from us which, though invisible to sense perception can be clearly seen by spiritual sight.

These spiritual processes, radiating from one who has done wrong, provide nourishment for certain Spiritual beings who are actually present in the spiritual world. Such beings cannot approach man at all times; they can only do so when the radiations resulting from evil actions emanate from him.

It is just the same as with a room — if it is quite clean no flies will enter it; there are no flies in a perfectly clean room; but if food is left about or dirt of any kind, the flies come immediately — so, the moment a man radiates certain spiritual emanations as a result of his evil action, he is surrounded by beings who feed on them.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 116 – The Christ Impulse and the Development of the Ego-Consciousness: LECTURE 6. THE BIRTH OF CONSCIENCE – Berlin, 2nd May, 1910

Translated by Harry Collison