Connection between what a man is and what he produces

The tendency of World-evolution is for a connection to arise between what a man is and what he creates — what he produces. This connection will become more and more intimate. It will emerge to begin with in those spheres on which a closer relationship between man and man is founded — in the treatment of chemical substances for instance, when they are worked up into medicines.

People today may still believe that a substance consists of sulphur and oxygen and hydrogen and what-not besides; and that the product of combination will only contain the effects that proceed from the several substances combined. To-day, to a large extent, this is still true; but the tendency of World-evolution is in another direction altogether. Intimate pulsations which are inherent in man’s life of will and feeling, will more and more be woven and incorporated in that which he produces. It will no longer be a matter of indifference whether we receive a preparation from one man or another.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 172 – The Insertion of Early Human Destiny into Extraterrestial Relationships – Dornach, 12th November 1916