The sensible one among those silly vegetarians

One of the many lectures Rudolf Steiner held in Kassel was a morning one, with the next lecture following early afternoon. Therefore, the question whether it was possible to enjoy a lunch without too long a delay, posed itself. It was then suggested that a small nearby restaurant, with a good cook, might be visited. Soon enough, a group of twenty or more participants, including Rudolf Steiner himself, presented itself unexpectedly at the restaurant, and was fortunate enough to find seats. However, with no pre-ordering done, and one single waiter on duty, a problem imposed itself: Given the presence of Rudolf Steiner, many felt the need to declare their vegetarian convictions by ordering a meatless meal. But as customary then (1914), local meat dishes were the norm in restaurant menus.

One can only imagine the scene: “Do you not have macaroni or spaghetti? What -no vegetable dishes? No salad bowls? Not even a potato pancake with blueberries, or a spinach tart with baked potatoes? Not a fish or a cottage cheese dish? Not even ..?”

In no time, the waiter’s hair stood on end, and sweat trickled down his forehead. He became a ball of nerves and could hardly keep his manners. It was now Steiner’s turn to order, and so the waiter asked him what he desired. Steiner gave him a friendly, peaceful look and said: “Bring me the daily special, please” – and that was, beefsteak! Once the meal over, one of the last guests to leave the room overheard the waiter, in deep sigh, to the proprietor: “The only sensible one among all those silly vegetarians is the slender dark gentleman in the long coat!”

Source (German): Sie Mensch von einem Menschen! Rudolf Steiner in Anekdoten by Wolfgang G. Vögele (page 76-77)

Anonymous translator

Previously posted on February 16, 2016