Egoism and worry

Along the Way of Initiation there is a secret connection between all that a man’s egoism can make him do and that attitude of soul which is expressed by the word ‘Care’. In that man who is far enough to look selflessly into the spiritual world, there is no care. Care is the companion of egoisms. And as little as some can perhaps believe that when Care is present, egoism has not disappeared, so true is it that on the long, self-denying path into the spiritual world, egoism must completely vanish. If man steps into the spiritual world and brings with him into it any trace of egoism, Care comes and reveals itself as a disturbing power.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 57 – The European Mysteries and their Initiates – Goethe’s Secret Revelation – Berlin, 12th March 1909

Previously posted on July 21, 2014