What stands behind people’s refutations of spiritual science?

What people today so often raise against the results of spiritual science stems in fact from a vague, deep-seated, fear in their souls. So much of what human civilization has produced in recent centuries contradicts spiritual science in such a way that, to most, it is no more than the advent of something strange.

Fear of the unknown is a fact of life people will not admit, preferring to disguise it in all sorts of refutations and logical criticism. Those who can see through these things realize that, in the end, the arguments held by the opponents of spiritual science are simply an apology for the fear they hold in their souls.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 284 – Bilder okkulter Siegel und Säulen – Penmaenmawr, August 24, 1923 (page 15-16)

Anonymous translator

Previously posted on January 20, 2016