We all need clothes, but not everyone needs to be a tailor!

Spiritual science is subject to many misunderstandings concerning some of its most basic principles: namely, occult training. One such misunderstanding is that whoever accepts anthroposophy must somehow commit to occult training. This is certainly not true.[…]

Spiritual science is a necessity of the times; if its powerful current was prohibited from flowing into present day humanity, mankind’s evolution would become barren and empty.

How would it be if each and every anthroposophist wanted to undertake occult training? Well, forgive the trivial comparison: it would be like everyone wanting to become a tailor, because all people need clothes. We all need spiritual science, but esoteric training is for just the few.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 264 – Briefe, Rundbriefe, Dokumente und Vorträge (page 39-40)

Anonymous translator

Previously posted on December 7, 2015