The sixth post-Atlantean epoch of culture will be more spiritual

The next age, (the sixth post-Atlantean epoch of culture 3573-5733), following our own, will already be more spiritual. There the sentiments will play a role even in connection with science. If any one shall then wish to stand an examination for admission to some scientific study, it will be necessary for him to be able to sense the light that exists behind everything, the spiritual world which brings everything into existence. The value of scientific work in any test will then consist in the fact that one shall observe whether a person can develop in the test sufficient emotion; otherwise he will fail in the examination. Even though the candidate may have any amount of knowledge, he will not be able to pass the examination if he does not have the right sentiments.

Source: Rudolf Steiner: GA 130 – BUDDHA AND CHRIST: Jeshu ben Pandira: Lecture I – Leipzig, 4th November 1911

Translated by Olin D. Wannamaker

Previously posted on September 25, 2014