Intelligence is everywhere

All around us there is not only oxygen and nitrogen, but throughout Nature there is intelligence, truly intelligence. No one is surprised if one says that we breathe in the air, for air is everywhere, and science today is so widely included in all the school books that everyone knows that air is everywhere, and that we breathe it in. All the same I have known country people who thought this a fantastic idea, because they did not know the air is everywhere; in the same way there are people today who do not know that intelligence is everywhere. They consider it fantastic if one says that just as we breathe in the air with our lungs, so do we breathe in intelligence, for example, through our nose, or through our ear. I have already given instances in which you could see that there is intelligence everywhere.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 351 – Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture IX – Dornach, December 22, 1923

Translated by Marna Pease & Carl Alexander Mier