Two aspects of life

Two universal currents flow alongside each other in human thought-habits. One current is that which remains at divine-spiritual heights so to speak, and has no desire to build bridges between what constitutes a spiritual impulse and the realities of the ordinary dealings of life. The other lives, devoid of thought, in everyday life. Life, however, is a unity. It can only prosper if the strength from ethical-religious life works down into the commonplace, profane life, into that life which, to many, may seem less fashionable. For if one fails to erect a bridge between these two aspects of life, one falls into mere fantasy, far removed from true everyday reality as far as religious and moral life and social thinking are concerned.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 23 – Basic Issues of the Social Question: Chapter Three: Capitalism and Social Ideas

Translated by Frank Thomas Smith

Previously posted on November 2, 2014