A universal social panacea does not exist

The ‘social question’ is not something which has suddenly appeared at this stage of human evolution and which can be resolved by a few individuals or by some parliamentary body, and stay resolved. It is an integral part of modern civilization which has come to stay, and as such will have to be resolved anew for each moment in the world’s historical development. Humanity has now entered into a phase in which social institutions constantly produce anti-social tendencies. These tendencies must be overcome each time. Just as a satiated organism experiences hunger again after a period of time, so the social organism passes from order to disorder. A food which permanently stills hunger does not exist; neither does a universal social panacea.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 23 – Basic Issues of the Social Question: Preface to the fourth German Edition 1920

Translated by Frank Thomas Smith

Previously posted on November 1, 2014