All is not moonlight and roses behind the veil of sensory perception

One should not believe that when one glimpses behind the veil of the senses and reaches the region beyond the threshold, that one ends up in a realm of pure beauty. Do not think that someone who cognisant of these worlds expresses himself light-heartedly when he says: if people are not carefully prepared, they need to be held back when coming to the threshold of the spirit world. – Because it is essential that one first of all gets to know the totally unedifying foundations, before one experience what in a sense is elevating and wholesome behind the curtain.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 219 – Das Verhältnis der Sternenwelt zum Menschen und des Menschen zur Sternenwelt – Dornach, 16 December 1922 (page 81)

Translated by Nesta Carsten-Krüger

Previously posted on November 28, 2014