The last months in the life of Rudolf Steiner (1 0f 2)

During the last six months of his life, a serious intestine illness confined Rudolf Steiner to bed. Little is known about this illness and Steiner neither talked nor wrote about it, except occasionally in letters sent to his wife Marie von Sivers.

Here are excerpts from those letters.

On October 6, 1924 he wrote to Marie:

I had to bite the bullet myself today and sent the Berliners this telegram: “My physical condition makes it absolutely impossible to travel in the coming months. This is the reason why, much to my regret, you will not be able to count on my presence.”

You can not imagine how bitter I feel, but I foresee that nursing and absolute tranquility may alone bring some comfort in the coming weeks. Therefore, do not worry. The symptoms are not life threatening. They are however persistent and will not go away quickly. This haemorrhoid illness seems completely harmless, but to me, is the worst, because it forces me to lie down almost motionless, as I have been since you departed.

On October 11, 1924 he wrote to Marie:

The daily haemorrhoid  therapies are terribly painful and far from pleasant, but have really brought about a significant improvement. It is just that things cannot be hurried. 

Do not worry about me, all that can be done is being done, and the care I am receiving is second to none. It is just that the therapy is unpleasant and the treatment painful. It is never an agreeable moment when the two doctors (Ita Wegman and Ludwig Noll) must begin the haemorrhoid treatments. But all in all, things are still moving well ahead.

To be continued

Source (German): GA 262 (letter 202, page 413) en GA 262 (letter 207, page 420)

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Rudolf Steiner monument in Schweizergarten, a park in Vienna