Letter from Steiner to Walther Köhler

In the year 1921, Walther Köhler (1870-1946), a church historian, publicist and Professor, asked Steiner to lecture theology students on the relationship of anthroposophy to religion. Steiner was also invited as guest to Köhler’s home. Here is an excerpt from Steiner’s reply to Köhler:

Dear Professor,

My heartfelt thanks for your amiable letter and kind invitation. I will gladly make the presentation on July 19 under the conditions you specify, and will arrive at your home on July 19 at half past 12; but my coming will give rise to one difficulty. I have been a vegetarian for the past 20 years, and although I am not dogmatic about it, I can no longer eat meat because I cannot stand it after such a long time. Therefore, would you be so kind as to forgive me and accede to the additional request of ignoring me during meals, as I believe that weirdos like me just have to be satisfied with what else is on the table. […] [rest of the letter is missing]

Dornach, July 21, 1921

Source (German): GA 39 – Briefe: Band II: 1890 – 1925 (nr. 647 – page 477)

Anonymous translator