Life in Devachan

Life in Devachan, if viewed in its reality, loses every element of comfortlessness; that the human being, when he ceases to regard it from his earthly, egotistical standpoint, can experience it as a condition of infinite blessedness — even apart from the fact that all freedom from the physical body, freedom from the lower nature in which he is enclosed here, brings with it a feeling of intense relief. The fact that these encasements have fallen away — this in itself brings a feeling of beatitude. Devachan is thus a time of expansion and expression in all directions; there is a richness and an absence of restriction that are never experienced on the earth.

 Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 99 – Theosophy of the Rosicrucian – V :Mans Communal Life Between Death and a New Birth. Birth into the Physical World – Munich 29th May 1907


Previously posted on 5th October 2013