The knowledge of the spiritual worlds can be acquired only on the earth

We can live in the physical world without acquiring knowledge of it. If we are not in a position to form judgments about certain things, we have no real knowledge of the physical world. The animals live together with us in the physical world, but do not know it as we ourselves know it. The fact that a soul after death is living in the spiritual world does not mean that this soul has knowledge of that world, although he is able to behold it. The knowledge acquired through Anthroposophy can be acquired only on the earth; it cannot be acquired in the spiritual world. […] It is an important secret of the spiritual worlds that the soul can be in them and behold them, but that knowledge of them must be acquired on the earth.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 140 – Links Between the Living and the Dead – 1 – Bergen, 10th October 1913

Previously posted on November 20, 2013